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allOriginally GNUBLIN was a board for the education of embedded Linux. The idea was to have an easy to understand embedded Linux system as a platform for learning and understanding as a base. In the meantime, however, there are many affordable embedded Linux board. I.e. the focus is more and more on the environment:




The Board is independent of the other industries that use more than didactic introduction to the embedded Linux world. The aim of the project was GNUBLIN and it is pick up all user groups from beginner to guru many user groups. On the Wiki as a starting point for the beginner is possible, but also the advanced and guru finds many appropriate instructions and information.

As part of the project GNUBLIN a great kit with many expansion boards, applications and an API for the software development of large control systems, data loggers and automation was created.

All GNUBLIN modules, the API, and many examples can in the meantime with many other popular boards likegnublin-rpi


Target groups for the GNUBLIN platform are hobbyists need the extensions, people who want to enter in embedded Linux in an education or training, research institutes need the assistance and measurement circuits as well as industrial customers for their own products or special solutions.

Due to the openness of the open source project, the contact person (embedded projects Gmbh) and production in Germany / Augsburg is the platform very interesting for many application areas.

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