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Web based applications

Browser based applications for you pc, tablett or smartphone

Comfortably control the blind using a smartphone or check the temperature in the rack from the Internet Cafe. With GNUBLIN and the many extensions you can build your own devices, with programming languages ​​like PHP, Python, Programming & Co. and remote control via smartphone or tablet on your network.


Demo for an live plotter


Live states of relays










Control hardware with web based technologies

Who does not remember the electronics boxes craft our youth, Lego Technic & Co.? And what software developers would not wish to develop something that would also affect the real world? GNUBLIN is a learning and training platform that was developed jointly with the University of Augsburg. Students can learn and understand how GNU / Linux can be used as a replacement microcontroller with her. And so the web technology now allows affordable control of the real world with known means – web-based or mobile. An exciting topic for fun craft activities or serious applications.

News: Article at web & mobile developer

Development enviroment

Connect you with LAN or WLAN to the Gnublin board.

  • SSH or SFTP connection
  • Lighttpd + PHP on GNUBLIN
  • Javascript / jQuery / HTML on Browser (Computer or Smartphone)



Demo projects

We show how you can control a motor, relay or get the values of an temperature sensor over an nice gui. With ajax, jQuery and PHP easy applications can be build.

  • index.html
  • ajax.php
  • gnublin.js