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embedded Linux Gnublin



Easy starter to open development enviroment (eclipse) an terminal, file transfer or create a new sd card

Easy way to start

Start into the world of embedded linux with our Gnublin Live CD or our Boot USB-Stick.

With this cd or usb stick you don’t need any installations on your pc. You can start direct with your application development.

  • Ready to use
  • Preinstalled Toolchain + Tools
  • C/C++ with Eclipse and the Gnublin API
  • Gnublin Installer to create new sd cards
  • Terminal to manage your Gnublin




File: Download DVD Image

MD5: a2784746e70f9a134120637ba7b4b397  gnublin_live_20131018.iso

User: gnublin

Password: gnublin (also for root access)


Burn the .iso to an dvd and boot with you pc from this live cd.

USB stick or PC installation

You can easy install Gnublin Live CD on an USB stick or to your computer then you can save your projects.

Instruction to build an usb stick or local installation:

  • Burn the iso as dvd
  • Start from the dvd the gnublin live system
  • Click on the installation icon
  • Choose your harddisk or an plug in an empty USB stick (more then 8.6 GB)
  • Create an ext4 partition with / as mountpoint
  • Create an SWAP Partition on the USB stick too
  • Choose usb stick for the bootloader!
  • Start installation
  • Boot now from your usb stick.