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Gnublin tools

Gnublin Tools

helpWhether one temperature, stepper motor, display, ADC, PWM, SPI messages or similar need exists in Gnublin now a collection of programs with which you can do all of this in the same way. In parallel with the tools in the long run for key programming to an API offered.

The principle for a tool looks like this:

Call with almost no parameter: If once the hardware is connected issue of the value of such

Switch on the led on the board:

gnublin-gpio -p 3 -o 1

Get valued of the adc converters.

gnublin-gpio -p 3 -o 1


Tool Beschreibung
gnublin-adcint Get value on internal ADC
gnublin-adcmod Get value on external ADC
gnublin-cam Webcam control (Snapshot or Stream)
gnublin-dogm Display (2×16 Chars)
gnublin-lm75 Temperature
gnublin-pwm PWM
gnublin-rtc RTC
gnublin-step Motor
gnublin-wlan WLAN


Force minimal output

If you start one Gnublin tool by default partially various messages or notes are issued by a simple introduction to the programs and modules to ensure. But if you want install such a program in its own, it is better if you get minimal cost or then immediately switches to the JSON format, which is described in the next section. JSON format is too much but you can just use the-b like so bare force (in) a clear issue.

JSON for data exchange

As a special highlight, each Gnublin program to an output via JSON. For this just add the-j option to each command. Even each output is delivered via JSON. This has the great advantage if you want to process the output in another program, you can easily transfer the data to internal data structures of programming languages. Most modern languages offers purpose of features.