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Codeblocks-buildWhy should you use the GNUBLIN API?

Why use an embedded GNU / Linux board? In essence it will be like to build small control or measurement systems. Control by web applications, monitor, collect data or sent by mail. Whenever you want to capture physical sizes or need an micro controller or embedded Linux as controller between hard- and software.


softwareLinux as hardware abstraction

This is now the time where you can program your application instead again a micro controller specific instruction or register set. Use the abstraction layer of embedded Linux for many interfaces like i2c, spi, uart, can, network and so on. Additional with our API you can easy change between different Linux boards.

“Flying prototypes”

You can plug in the module and respond with an appropriate command that comes just once. You can start very fast with an an own setup to build a prototype of your application.


Whether one temperature, stepper motor, display, ADC, PWM, SPI messages or similar need exists in Gnublin now a collection of programs with which you can do all of this in the same way. In parallel with the tools in the long run for key programming to an API offered.

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Web based user interfaces


Comfortably control the blind using a smartphone or check the temperature in the rack from the Internet Cafe. With GNUBLIN and the many extensions you can build your own devices, with programming languages ​​like PHP, Python, Programming & Co. and remote control via smartphone or tablet on your network.

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