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Embedded Linux for Hobbyists

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A product family for rapid implementation of control systems and Linux projects …

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Own projects quickly and easily transpose themselves or rebuild tutorials …

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Embedded Linux step by step learn in self-study or for the course or training …

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Customized versions of GNUBLIN and an easy way of programming with the API …

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Gnublin is an embedded linux plattform for developing controls or typical microcontroller application. Gnublin offers all what you need to do this in an easy way. With the gnublin installer you can create sd cards. As operating system we use an Debian, which we call in our system the gnublin distributuion. If it is neccessarry you can create your own distrubution. For controling, measuring and regulating we offers many modules (like motor controler, relay, input, output, analog to digital, digital to analog, temperature sensor and so on) to create very fast a prototype. Together with an very energy saving gnublin linux board and the gnublin api (which allows you to write own applications in c++, python, php or something like this) you can easy build own applications.



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